The Gregory Continuum Welcomes You!

A message from Gregory...

The Gregory Continuum is a part of a larger spiritual continuum. All those channeling different information and all those doing good works to improve the world through peace, environmental responsibility, human kindness, and political responsibility are a part of this spiritual continuum of healing.

It is our wish to participate in this mass planetary healing through Gregory Books, CDs, classes, and spiritual readings channeled through Bobbie G and those connected with the Gregory Continuum.

The focus of these teachings are to assist individuals on the planet to awaken to the knowing that each and everyone of you has the capacity to channel spirit. Each of you will assist the greater good when you are able to tap into this higher knowing and move throughout your lives with the integrity of spiritual alignment . When each of you is vibrating in the energy of your own personal highest good, the whole of humanity cannot help but vibrate in the highest good for all.

The Gregory Continuum's intent is to send forth teachers and way showers to assist those seeking this guidance to open to their own individual ability to heal the planet by healing themselves through alignment with their own personal spiritual guidance that comes from connection to All-That-Is.

Be the Solution you want to see. Be the Healing you want to bring forth. Be the spiritual teacher you seek by opening to the wonder that is you.

Trust the Flow and Let The Good Times Roll.
Gregory et al..

and from Bobbie G...

"Since 1990 I have been blessed to carry part of The Gregory Continuum message to those who are seeking to grow spiritually . Spirit has now requested me to expand my endeavors to share this information with more individuals by channeling to groups and classes teaching others how to connect with spirit and how to teach others to do this."

"A group of individuals are now gathering to create a Gregory Continuum on the physical earth plane to bring the non-physical Gregory Continuum message to heal the planet by helping people connect to their own spiritual knowing and ability to channel their own spiritual guidance."

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